Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fixing in-call volumes on HTC Magic with Cyanogen's Mod

Cyanogen's latest mod v4.2.12.2 reduced the in-call microphone sensitivity on the HTC Magic (Australian Vodafone version). After complaints from friends that couldn't hear me I went searching for a fix.

The configuration file /etc/AudioPara4.csv in the Android OS controls device-specific volume levels. The solution was to manually replace the configuration file with the original Vodafone AU version.

Download the file AudioPara4.csv from here.

Using the Android SDK push the file onto the phone:

$ adb remount
remount succeeded
$ adb push AudioPara4.csv /etc/
627 KB/s (54136 bytes in 0.084s)
$ adb shell reboot
reboot returned


  1. it looks like this might just work. I will try it out tonight. Looks like it's the same issue on the new 5.0.7 test2 as well.

  2. Yes, can confirm that 5.0.7 test2 has the same issue, and that the fix i've given above works fine.

    Seems like Cyanogen's mod ships with fixed audio parameters, and the Magic's audio chip/mic levels are quite different. The two AudioPara4.csv files has a few key numbers different.

    With 5.0.7 however, be warned, the HTC Magic seems to struggle with its memory. Lots this in the logs:
    I/ActivityManager( 112): Process android.process.acore (pid 8295) has died.
    I/ActivityManager( 112): Low Memory: No more background processes.

    That said, its still working better than ever as a phone! Rob.